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Clear lungs!

Allow me to first address the current healthcare farce in the United States. After over twenty-five years of designing hospitals domestically and internationally I have learned that treating symptoms is the primary goal of big Pharma to keep patients dependent on their legal drug of choice, “prescriptions.” Doctors receive less training on nutrition than Veterinarians do; yet we were given food to heal our bodies by our Creator. Time to wake up! After realizing it was my responsibility to be held accountable for the care of the Temple of the most high God where He chose to dwell with humans – my body entrusted to me at birth. After a serious reality check and being told that the Sarcoid in my lungs may require me sleeping with a Bi-pap machine and breathing problems potentially for as long as I lived, I shook every tree to find truth; I prayed; I listened to other’s and their experiences. I met a brother in the Lord that he too had dwelt with Sarcoid and beat it so I thought this was worth my time and attention. After ten years on prednisone the pulmonologist said he recommended going back on prednisone again. NO WAY I thought so I asked him to take an X-ray of my lungs to mark the real time start of my journey to wellness and then I started NextWave the following morning. Within five days I stopped coughing when I talked. Then something truly wonderful happened within ten days I was able to lay flat on my bed to sleep no longer required to sit up in a recliner to be able to breathe! It has been over a year ago that I started drinking NextWave and my lungs are clear of the Sarcoid by the way I never had to go on prednisone again or use the Bi-pap machine. My doctor called me a rebel and I thanked him for his time and left smiling. I knew I had allowed proper input to create the right output! We must listen to our body it knows what we need!

Still smiling,

Bsai Bdai

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