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Probiotics and Digestive Health

From MichelleĀ on Facebook page: Since my early 20s I've suffered from stomach issues. For a little under a month now, I have been drinking 5 ounces in the morning and 5 ounces in the evening. I have noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms. I was skeptical at first, but so glad I tried it!

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Probiotics and Cancer

We all want to believe that nature has a solution for one of human's worst enemies. Learn more about the impact of probiotics here with an article by Chris Campbell on Oct 19, 2016 posted on Laissez Faire Books website. http://lfb.org/cancerous-critters-4-easy-ways-control-microbiome/

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Lowered Blood Sugar

From David on Facebook page: After a few weeks on NextWave Probiotics my blood sugar has dropped to the point I've stopped one medication and will soon probably stop taking the remaining one. I'm also starting to notice significant reduction in the pain and inflammation that have been my constant companions for the past few years. AND no more of diarrhea one day and constipation the next, but regular bowel movement once a day! Can't wait to see what improvements are still to come.

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Really helping my acne!

From our reviews on our store. Click here to view more. From Andrea: I've been using this for a very short time and I'm already seeing a huge difference! My acne is finally clearing up!! I've tried everything else including prescriptions from the dermatologist and nothing else has worked. This product is truly amazing!

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From our Facebook page!

View our Facebook page here and see what others are saying about our product! From Sabrina: My son was severely injured 7 years ago. With the severity of his wounds the doctors said it should take at least 6 months or more to heal. With the use of Nextwave Probiotics his wound had completely healed within a month. Needless to say the Doctors were amazed.

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